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Seasoned Gardeners is a small, independent and local business. It’s family run and our clients are very dear to us.


We actually have a passion for gardening, tree surgery and a love of nature and seek to improve and add value to all gardens we attend to. For us, it’s personal!


Danny, the business owner, initially studied Horticulture at Hadlow College back in 1998, has all the relevant tree surgery certificates from Kingswood Training and is now embarking on a Diploma in Arboriculture at Merrist Wood qualification to refresh and update his knowledge.


When Danny is not at work he is on his allotment plot befriending local wildlife to convince them to leave his veggies alone.


We have a vast array of clients from sweet private residential, to larger communal areas and we work with other business such as property developers, offices, property managers and larger gardening firms who sub contract excess work.

Our Gardeners


We aim to help the wider community by employing those with a desire to be gardeners, keen young men and women or 30-something career changers who have a calling to replace the computer with a lawn mower (they are our most zealous workers!).


We look for 5 key attributes in our gardeners :


1. Wants to work
2. Is punctual
3. Gets on with colleagues, clients and the world
4. Ultimately gets the job done!
5. Anything else is a bonus. We are happy to fill in the rest ourselves and offer experience and practical hands on training to our staff.


We just want the world to go round smoothly.


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As a local, independent gardening business you will receive excellent service.


Our passion for gardening and delighting our customers is something close to of hearts.


To find out more about how we take away the stress and worry of your garden maintenance, contact Danny at Seasoned Gardeners today.


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A Poem Inspired by My Clients Gardens:


A Gardeners World

…”Winter kind, crisp and fallow

gardens to clear, branches fill the barrow,

Spring a new and flowers on show

branches to prune and lawns to mow,

Summer ablaze a vigorous spurt

hedge trimming, tough gardeners hard at work,

Autumn rust, leaves fall and fold

feeding the earth, thus is the gardeners world”…


by Danny of Seasoned Gardeners 2016 


Seasoned Gardeners – Experts in Garden Maintenance for Kingston upon Thames.