Kingston upon Thames London

Annual prune of a row of trees at a block of flats:

My client fell in love with  red geraniums and purple petunia after a recent trip to the med so we replicated some ideas he brougjt back with him from holiday.

We were requested to strip out the garden, build a retaining wall and re-turf.

The finished garden, including rendered retaining wall, plants new lawn:

Rendering the wall:

The initial garden:

We were offered a blank canvas.
Completely strip out the existing garden, level the ground, build a base for a 10×8 shed, supply a string shed, put up a fence along the back, paint existing fence, turf a new lawn, create a meandering path, build a small wall, plant up the beds and prune the sycamore at the back.

The finished product:

Laying the turf:

After being stripped and levelled:

First daunting stage of removal:

A very bumpy garden full of rows grooved by the precious owner, must’ve being living the good life as it seems it was used as an allotment.

This tall birch tree was completely removed, however as it was surrounded by buildings and dot in the middle of a well tended flower bed it couldn’t be straight felled, instead it had to be dismantled section by section.

A joyous tree to climb and prune, however it was surrounded by many precious shrubs and perrenials so much care was taken to drop pruned limbs on to a target crash zone.