Kingston upon Thames London

Grass Cutting at Virgo Fidelis School

Gardening Case Study

Virgo Fidelis School (recently renamed Henriette Le Forestier) said farewell to their retired gardeners.

The Brief

Fields upon fields of mowing, large hedges to be trimmed and a small Rose garden to maintain.

Garden Site Problems

Lots of grass, ideally a job for a ride on mower but the fields are bumpy and hilly.

Our Solutions

Get Seasoned Gardeners to do it! A man and mower can’t out compete a ride on mower on a flat even surface but at least they can go over an iddy biddy bump (reminds me of Ed209 vs Robocop for taking the stairs)

Seasoned Gardeners img_3386


 Seasoned Gardeners img_3356Seasoned Gardeners img_3375




Successful Outcome

Eight hours of pushing a 50kg mower up and down swathes of grass land. In this situation straight stripes will make a gardener cross eyed. So I picked a beautiful tree and made circles for my own sense of well being and to the curiosity of the children, parents and teachers alike.


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