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Gardening Case Study

Today we are looking at a garden design project in Pimlico, London for a very charming family.

The Brief

Garden design is a big part of the gardening services we offer and traditional, flowering plants, like roses are always a popular request from clients. Our brief was to tidy up the site and prepare it for planting roses and climbers that would form a distinctive garden feature.

Seasoned Gardeners Plan image

Design schematic


Garden Site Problems

The site was close to the house walls and had poor quality soil that had not been fed with fertiliser for many years. It also needed garden maintenance in the form of weeding to prepare the site for planting.

Our Solution

Sometimes we need to start from scratch and so we put together a plan for some Rose varieties to be planted, with climbers behind would grow up the side of the the walls to give a beautiful flowering rose in summertime.

For this particular garden, we suggested roses to be planted to add some distinctive design to the garden and additional charm to the house.

Here’s how it looks now the Roses are planted.

Seasoned Gardeners Planted Climbers

Varieties clustered together in a row, climbers behind to spread across the wall

Seasoned Gardeners Carrying Soil

Varieties clustered together in a row, climbers behind to spread across the wall.

Seasoned Gardeners Planted Climbers With Fertiliser

I removed 3″ of soil and replaced it with well rotted horse manure


Successful Outcome

After carrying 400kg of soil through the house in to the van and back out again at the recycling unit single handedly, I was ready for my favourite dinner.

We had rose varieties clustered together in a row, with climbers behind to grow and spread across the wall

The client was delighted with our work and now their rose garden is set up, ready to grow into something very beautiful over the next few years. Also a garden they can enjoy for many years to come.


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