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Tree Removal for Inigo Property Developers in Richmond Upon Thames

Gardening Case Study

The property developer – Inigo- required a tree removing at the request of their client in Richmond.

The Brief

They wanted the tree down as it was blocking the view from the window.

Their own lands didn’t fancy sawing away on a narrow 10ft high brick wall.

Garden Site Problems

Did I mention it was a narrow 10ft high brick wall?

Our Solution

Sum up some courage, don’t look down and engage a Zen like mindfulness.

Successful Outcome

Made a new friend Steve the site manager, a garden designer himself who would employ my skills again for another gardening project.



Seasoned Gardeners a quick stare down

a quick stare down


Line up the shot





















Seasoned Gardeners Admire the beautiful branch formation during the process

Admire the beautiful branch formation during the process

Seasoned Gardeners What Tree?

What tree?











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