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Property 2 People – Front and Back Garden Maintenance in Merton

Gardening Case Study

The popular property manager Property 2 People required a quick garden makeover for a landlord in Merton.

The Brief

As new tenants needed to be established immediately the overgrown garden needed sorting out.

Garden Site Problems

The garden was very overgrown and unkept, the precious tenants were either too busy or indifferent, and they obviously didn’t have my number on speed dial!

The lawn required, strimming and mowing. The bushes and hedges required trimming.

The patio was full of weeds and needed weeding.

The beds too were a world of weeds and needed a good hoe.

The front garden wasn’t too pretty either.

Our Solution

With enough notice and a promise to return the keys before six we broke out the elbow grease and ploughed away.

Here’s a few before and after pictures to show how effective we are at bringing some order to overgrown gardens.


Seasoned Gardeners Wild and unkept

Wild and unkept

Seasoned Gardeners IMG_2556

A little work makes all the difference























Seasoned Gardeners - a jungle or a forest?

A jungle or a forest?

Seasoned Gardeners Normality, now with shed access

Normality, now with shed access















Successful Outcome

A gob smacked property manager and too naked gardeners. They were happy, our dinner
was well deserved and the new tenants were none the wiser.


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